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    I have been sewing since I was a child through the 4H program in my area.  I love the feel of fabric in my hand and the sound of my zooming sewing machine.  I try to do something every day in my studio, it may be nothing but sitting in the room and having a cup of tea.  I am blessed with a very supportive husband.  We did some house renovation 5 years ago to double the size of my studio and to add an area for hand dyeing.  

    I completed a major in garment construction and taught middle school for several years.  I also taught nursery school and adult clothing construction classes.  I have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. 

     I recently completed two courses with the City and Guild Program--sketchbook and patchwork & quilting.  I worked on a year program of drawing with  

    I am a member of the Potomac Fiber Art Guild and Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA.   I am also a member of the NVHG(Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild).  I sell my wearable art through the Torpedo Factory and also sell wearable art and accessories at craft shows with the NVHG.

    My inspiritation for my fiber art is the vast wealth of personal photos taken during my travel all over the world.  Check out my travel slideshows on youtube.  

    I began making quilts in 1997 and began art quilting in 2000.   Prior to this I was busy sewing for my family and home.  In 2006, I started Priscilla Creations and began doing craft show in the fall.  I use as much recycled materials as possible in these crafts.  

    I have seen my wearable art walk the runway at the IQA shows in the Bernina Fashion show for many years and my fiber art has hung in galleries, museums, quilt shows, art shows, and the workplace.  I started an etsy shop in 2009.  I also do trunkshows and teach fiber and wearable art.  I also will do commissions using my customers garments and keepsakes.  I have made quilts from baby clothes, hats, ties, tshirts, suits, shirts, womens clothing, and handkerchiefs.

    Check out my business site on Facebook and Etsy--Fiber Art by Priscilla. 
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Priscilla Stultz
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Priscilla Creations
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