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Remembrance Quilts----Commissions 

    I make commission quilts from t shirts, men's suits, shirts, caps,hats, ties, womens clothing, baby clothing, children's art work, children's sewing projects.   I will use anything you wish made into a quilt--a collection of loved one jewelry, patches, photos, ect.   I will transfer the photos or any paper type to fabric via my computer.  The orginial will not be harmed and returned to you in the orginial condition.    I will use any fabric of your choice or any clothing of your choice and turn it into a wonderful remembrance quilt.  
 Turn around time for a quilt smaller that a full size is approximately 3-4 weeks, larger quilts will take more time.   I will need a fitting session to fit the pattern for a piece of wearable art.  Pillows, handbags and wall hangings will take less time.

Costs of quilt and wearable commissions:

Pillows:  $50 plus any additional hand work that is added.

T-shirts quilt $22 per shirt + batting+backing

Quilt sizes:    wall 24"x36"     lap 36"x42"     throw 55"x42"    twin 39"x75"   double/full 54"x75"     

Wall quilt   $350      Lap $500         Throw   $700      Twin    $950          Full $1200   
plus backing and batting costs

Jacket $200       Vest $100     Purse $50      Poncho or Shawl $70 plus fabric and lining costs

10% deposit required at signing of commission contract

I live in Fairfax city, VA in Northern VA.  We can meet at my house or I will travel to yours, if you live close. 

I also repair quilts, crochet, lace tablecloths.

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