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Classes and Trunk Shows 

I teach 1/2 day and full day classes. 

The prices are:  2012  $250;  2013  $265  2014 $280  2015 $295 for full day classes plus food and lodging if necessary.    15 students and $20 for each extra student.  I can teach up to 22 in a class.

The prices are: 2012 $145  2013 $160  2014 $175  2015 $190 for half day classes plus food and lodging if necessary.  15 students and $10 for each extra student.  I can teach up to 22 in a class.

Contact: Priscilla for additional information and supply list 703-591-5630   Classes are pictured below

Trunk Shows
1.  Fiber Art: A fabulous journey
2. Wearable Art: An explosion of surface design 
The trunk shows are approximately 1 1/2 hours.  I bring lots of show and tell.

Prices:  2012  $250  2013 $265  2014 $280  2015 $295 plus mileage and food and lodging if necessary

Unique landscape:  Each student brings a photo of a landscape that they would like to turn into an art quilt.  We will be using commerically printed fabrics to achieve the desired effect for the quilt. 
Design your own folk art quilt:  Each student will create a pattern for a folk art quilt using paper template that they will design themselves. 
Boridere Perse quilt: Using commerical printed fabrics and fusibles each student will create a unique vase of flowers.
Freeform pieced sunrise quilt: Each student will create a sunrise/sunset free form pieced quilt using their choice of fabrics.  The pattern for the spiral sun will be available in class and will be applied with a fusible.
Freeform machine piecing: Each student will use their choice of fabric and learn to freeform piece with out the use of rulers.
Freefrom piecing quilt blocks: Quilt blocks will be created using the students choice of fabrics without a ruler.  Each block will be squared up before sewing it into the quilt top.
Dollar store bouquet: Using items purchased at the dollar store; an art quilt will be created.
9 Easy fleece scarves:  9 different scarves will be created in the class.  They are great for gifts or personal use.
Freeform pieced sweatshirt jacket: Using an oversized sweatshirt and fabric of the student's choice, we will create a jacket.  Fitting will be done in class.
Chevron Pieced sweatshirt jacket and the Crazy patch jacket: These sweatshirt jackets has pieced front panel.  One has a zipper and the other one buttons.  Pockets may be added if desired along with a fabric design on the back.  Fitting will be done in class.
 A vest that fits: Have you always wanted to make a piece of wearable art, but the fitting was a puzzle.  We will create a pattern in class that fits and start with the creation of the piece of wearable art that will fit and be a joy to wear.
The 3 hour purse: The purse is so easy it can finished in class.  It will have 6 pockets.
A jacket is only as good as its fit:  We will create a jacket pattern that fits and begin to create the jacket in class.
Messenger bag:  Fully lined with pockets and a nice shoulder strap.  The bag is easy to assemble.
Brown paper box: Using brown paper bag, paint and stamp pads create a beautiful box.  Very easy and fun project.
Rolled Rosette necklace: Using fabric scraps created a beautiful "bib style" necklace. 
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